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   Michael Spencer (usually known by his last name) is a professional instrumentalist and passionate composer. He has 27 years experience playing the violin, and has also performed on guitar, bass, piano, vocals, harmonica and sitar. He started teaching guitar and piano in 2014 in Sydney, and violin in 2015 in Melbourne.

   Spencer started violin at an early age, completing his 8th grade AMEB exam at 16 years old. He then continued his studies at an international university majoring in jazz violin, before completing a Bachelor of Music in composition and production.

Spencer playing violin daytime

   He furthered his experience by writing and performing in many groups, ranging from classical ensembles to jazz, world, folk, rock and pop bands. He has played at many venues such as the Sydney Opera House, and has toured Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand. He is now working on composing, recording and producing his own music.


   Spencer employs a dynamic communication style to suit student requirements, and a holistic learning approach, including stretching, posture, ear training, note theory, creativity and improvisation, to inspire an effective and enjoyable experience for the student.

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